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CoCCA Registry Services (NZ) Limited

برمجيات السجل "الكوكا" باللغه العربية

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   #(NEW patch)  20 may 2017
    MD5 | 1f386942df967bd5dd021a61adeec896
    Download Last CoCCA Patches directly.                                              
    In Linux: #wget

   #(NEW Installer) 02 May 2017
    MD5 | 4ee4b30cf299bc0c8c7a40d2636f160d
    Download Last CoCCA Installer directly. 
    In Linux: #wget

    #CoCCAepp Module for WHMCS 18 May 2017
    Md5 | fcc2134d8a3b2fe6d6ef22f778a8fbb8
    Download Last CoCCAepp Module as ZIP file directly. 
    In Linux shell: #wget

    #CoCCA OTE EPP Java Key Store for Registry
    If you need a valid certificate for your Registry you can Download CoCCA OTE EPP java key store to use it in your Registry with Java key store    
    password: coccaote2017 .   
    Download directly. 
    In Linux shell: #wget

Getting started

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