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CoCCA Registry Services (NZ) Limited

برمجيات السجل "الكوكا" باللغه العربية

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   #(NEW patch)  28 Sep 2017
    MD5 | b23297ec8e18d95bfdd083e6d278a056
    Download Last CoCCA Patches directly.                                              
    In Linux: #wget

   #(NEW Installer) 11 October 2017 PG 10, Resin 4.054, Java u144
    MD5 | b686ef160f9f26d831bd8f866835cf82
    Download current CoCCA Installer directly. 
    In Linux: #wget

    #CoCCAepp Module for WHMCS last update 02 Sep 2017
    Md5 | e027a425be469bc266acf03e557b28a3
    Download Last CoCCAepp Module as ZIP file directly. 
    In Linux shell: #wget
    if you will use CoCCAEpp to register IDN domains via WHMCs you can use CoCCAEpp IDN registrar Module, it fully support ASCII and IDN domains, 
    for more info about IDN Module click here:  CoCCA IDN EPP Module For WHMCs. 

    #CoCCA OTE EPP Java Key Store for Registry
    If you need a valid certificate for your Registry you can Download CoCCA OTE EPP java key store to use it in your Registry with Java key store    
    password: coccaote2017 .   
    Download directly. 
    In Linux shell: #wget

Getting started

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